Primera cohorte

Del 23 al 24 de Junio recibimos por primera vez a los alumnos de la nueva cohorte. En esta ocasión la residencia copó sus lugares y el espacio cobró vida en todo su esplendor. El intercambio entre compañeros se extendió en los desayunos y cenas; y en los almuerzos la compañía con los miembros que trabajan en IRAC-Biogen propició charlas de sobre mesa que denotan la pasión que todos sentimos por la reproducción animal.


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  • Hej, snappade upp SmÃ¥lands mörker pÃ¥ biblioteket riktigt nattsvart socialrealism när den är som bäst. Ser fram emot att läsa fler av dina serier!

  • team sweet (first typed Sweat whoops) tater fries!with honey mustard. tons and tons of honey mustard.definitely have marathon day on the brain all day every day. I also wonder 24/7 when the leaves will start changing pretty colors. Fall please!

  • Ik zou graag deze telefoon willen winnen aangezien mijn abonnement bijna afloopt en mijn batterij kapot is van mijn huidige telefoon! Moet hem 2x per dag opladen, en daardoor kan ik op locatie nooit jullie facebook, website en twitter bekijken omdat mijn telefoon dan ineens uitvalt, en dit is erggggg frustrerend! 🙁 Wil graag als eerste al het nieuws van jullie lezen, reageren op jullie tweets en posts op Facebook en met deze telefoon MOET dat wel lukken!!!! Wauwww wat een mooierd!! Maak graag kans !

  • Ça revient à ce que je dis. Avoir zéro attente, c’est ne pas être intéressé plus que ça. Donc s’en câlisser.Et pas besoin d’avoir des rêves irréalistes pour avoir « trop d’attentes », juste dépasser le seuil de l’indifférence…

  • Hello My name is Amy ,I am finally a tea enthusiast, completely love the aroma & the flavor of tea as the first thing after getting up. I Guzzle atleast eight cups a day. By the way nice blog, Hope you have a nice day.

  • I love King’s X! (Dug Pinnick has a solo single out now.) I used to own Ty’s second album, Moonflower Lane I think it was called. I unwisely got rid of it. Why? Storage space I guess. I need to move into a bigger place.I applaud the UK for having the good taste to put Innuendo to #1! (I like The Miracle too.) Sadly Queen was a non-entity here for much of the 80′s. Very sad indeed. Then we jumped on the bandwagon with everybody else when Wayne’s World came out.

  • Hi HollyCan’t wait to try Kettlebells for the first time. This sounds silly I know and I tried to see if anyone else asked this question but I’m wondering do you ever use kettlebells at the same time, like dumbbells for instance. Or do you just work one side at a time, wouldn’t this take a long time to complete a workout? I obviously don’t have a clue, just joined Club FYM recently, I’m so happy with it. Thanks

  • Souvent ils mettent à jour le navigateur est seulement bon; le reste sont également convaincus que, pour les besoins quotidiens d’un simple navigateur est tout simplement parfait. Nous disons que Internet Explorer peut également éviter les mettre à jour, En effet j’étais vous, je disinstallerei précisément cette masse d’octets inutiles. Comme vous le savez j’ai aussi toujours utiliser Firefox, Mais je tiens à suivre l’évolution de Chrome, navigateur très intéressant…

  • Fantastic, sounds like a very good radio for the masses. I suppose the User will have to make his or her own antenna if you want a better reception. Know sdr based receivers any mode is possible.Congratulation.

  • I am in Minnesota! I can answer any questions you might have about areas. It really varies by neighborhood, so you can’t even really narrow it down by suburb/city. But there are some AWESOME houses for sale right now. Good prices too. Sorry you have to move and leave your current home which you love so much. I have my fingers crossed that you will find a place you love even more in MN.

  • I love your Friday posts! They are dangerous since they are encouraging me to shop (more often!). Just purchased the Vince Camuto ballet slippers and can’t wait to check out the anthro skinny jeans. Enjoy your weekend!

  • I am thankful first and foremost for my family! Truly blessed to have the siblings I have and the best mother in the world.Second, two amazing nieces that I am able to see all the time and spoil. Third, I am thankful for the opportunities that have opened up for me, leading me to meeting new people and experiences.I am thankful for the friends, whom despite being many distances away, still keep in touch.I am thankful for the basics, a home, health, and food on the table. I don’t think people are appreciative enough of these three things now days.

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