Nuevo Menú en la cocina

Los bifes en sándwich quedaron en segundo plano. La apertura de la residencia propició ampliar el menú de los cursos y la variedad de propuestas provoca que el horario del almuerzo genere grandes expectativas. Entre todos los nuevos platos, el guiso de lentejas de Eleonora nos hizo raspar la hoya para los repitentes glotones.


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  • to myself: demolition. I’m not an idiot.Let me repeat that: I did not buy one iota of the official story from Day One. I’ve watched too many demolitions. I witnessed the 3rd building go down in the late afternoon, and no one believed I saw that for two years!

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  • Through my tears too, Anita what beautiful words. I wish I could see one of your Shows, maybe one day! Such true thoughts about creativity and the profound effects it has. So honest and special.. Thank you, Flora

  • Enjoy your evening. Lovely photographs, especially the last one. Sometimes I dress up when I'm not going anywhere and usually end up looking better than when I am going out. Ashamed to say I own PLENTY of slobby clothes!

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  • Beautiful card Mandy! Cute image and lovely embellishments! Sorry to hear about your shoulder – must be a bu##er when that happens! Sounds like you had fun with your wee lodger!! Didn't you want to keep him forever? Have a good weekend, Sheila:)X

  • perhaps his mistake was to say reading music vs learning by ear. I dont think it needs to be an either or. I live with a kid that spends all day playing samba, bossa, jazz on guitar. He improvises blues beautifully but if you hand him a sheet music he can sing or play straight off it. It doesnt half to be either or just cause you learn to read music? you aint gonna just forget how to improvise or visa versa. : )I’m gonna give it a try tho it seems impossible

  • David, thank you that's a touching experienceGagdad Bob, that's a very good summarySpanky, if you mean who I think you mean, then I think he's an overrated musician with a gimmick who has now abandoned that gimmick.

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  • Tim is working it while holed up at hole in the wall pub. Working it? What, by standing on a street corner? We used to call it being a bum, but that is what they call ‘campaigning’ in Palmetto Bay.

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  • One of the Walton Women founded “Crystal Bridges,” a fabulous American-art museum / nature center in Arkansas which is open and free to all (except for some special exhibits which have an admission fee). Very nice. But as much as I’m a proponent of the arts, I wonder about all the millions spent and if they could have been better spent on — oh, I dunno — wages? Benefits? Yes, people can do what they want with their money, but it seems kind of let-them-eat-cake-y.

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  • As someone who just went through this process (before the change in policy), what used to be required was not a birth certificate *or* proof of surgery, it was a BC *and* proof of surgery. I went to the DMV first with proof of surgery and was told to come back with my amended BC. Which I did three months later after turning all the cartwheels my birth state required.Obviously though, the new policy is a wonderful thing. I think the State Department got it right when they modified their gender marker change procedure, and now Virginia has it right as well.

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  • I read about 20 pages of “Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebannon”, by Robert Fisk, which were so filled with (well written) shock stories of tribal blood letting it changed my entire perspective on the middle east.Perhaps, but take anything written by Fisk with a grain of salt. In fact, make that a sizable chunk of rock salt. This is a man who notoriously Fisk’s name has been become with easily identified inaccuracies and shoddy argumentation on the internet.

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  • You love em so much you have to stop yourself from spoiling them! I know you know what I mean. This was actually her second party of the day, so we tried to play it understated. Not easy!

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  • I got that Mrs. Veteran was just trying to appeal to that small kernel of decency and ethics in the person (can we agree that it was a human, not deer or coyote?) doing the needless destruction. She could have mentioned it happened to a grandfather or teacher or coach or Starbucks barista or anyone the person didn’t mean to hurt. I do think that kids who like themselves (not easy but possible) don’t destroy property for “fun”. And if a parent hears her kids talking about someone else doing this “prank” does he or she just keep quiet? I sure hope not.

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