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La residencia IRAC cuenta con habitaciones:

  • Doble
  • Triple
  • Vestuarios Damas y Vestuarios Caballeros



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  • I love your throwdown posts — congratulations on this one. You must have been so relieved to get that offer quickly. Keeping track of my two boys in this house is getting very onerous. One left a "present" in the toilet right before a showing. Good thing I happen to glance in for a last minute check. Fortunately, we don't have to move but, now that it is on the market, i really want it to sell.

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  • Jill – I think you were working on this when we were there in October and kept you up to the wee hours of the morning. Our time together is always way too short!

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  • Excellent post, Chris! I completely agree with you here. I know that connecting to other amazing educators, administrators, and parents on Twitter have helped me change my classroom practices for the better. I’m sharing more now, and I’m learning from others that are sharing more too.Aviva

  • 4a8Beh, hai troppo ragione, anche se ste persone che hai nominato non le conosco perché non seguo il calcio.Però si scrive metempsicosi.(ma a nessuno viene in mente che sto a passare il tempo?)

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