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  • Paul, if you want to be "shocked" by racism, I suggest you watch the TV of the Palestinian Authority, HAMAS or HIZBULLAH. Endless descriptions about how the Jews are "decendents of monkeys and pigs", how they are subhuman, traitors, etc, etc. Just like some of the things you read in the comments on this site.

  • É esta a eternidade prometida? Ficar oblívio, enterrado no meio de milhares de posts no meio de milhões de blogs no meio de Biliões de páginas web… afinal era essa a alma dele? A verdade? Quero lá saber… foi mais uma pobre alma, esquecida e recriada pela memória traiçoeira e enviesada… é grande eternidade que vos espera?

  • vidal neto26 de abril de 2010outro item que não falei antes é o fato da produção sacanear com quem comprou ingresso antes para pista ( meu casso) a R$ 100,00 A MEIA enquantooutros pagantes foram beneficiados tendo comprado a R$ 70,00 é foda e teve amigos meu que compraram a R$ 65,00 antes do show , isso moistra o desrespeito a quem se programa e compra antes e sem falar na falta de educação dos atendentes das bilheterias nos tratam com mau vontade e respondem mau humorados as dúvidas é foda..coloquem gente que curte rock pra nos atender ok?

  • ce comentarii am fi citit dacă românul ar fi avut net prin anii 90, când s-a dat legea că fiecare unitate de alimentaÅ£ie publică trebuie să aibe obligatoriu un grup sanitar, iar în acesta să se găsească săpun ÅŸi prosop.

  • By filing chpt. 13 if you included the house in it- you stopped the foreclosure completely. They will have to re-start the procedures once they receive notice of dismissal. However they can do that immediatly & I don’t think they have to put the notice in the newspapers again (not positive though)- I would ask your bk. attorney.References : Was this answer helpful?

  • We share birthdays! Wow, this cake looks scrumptious. I actually allowed Whole Foods to make my birthday cake this year it was a vegan red velvet cake. Pretty yummy but I think next year I make my own :)-Jess

  • Zij die op de laatste vergadering geweest zijn weten dat de tweede fase doorgaat met de bouwfirma PLUYM. Het zou ook eens nuttig zijn om te gaan kijken op het bouwterrein van fase 2. Men zal dan zien dat er bedrijvigheid is.

  • u don't understand and don't want to understand too. That's wat I can say for u Mr. Reddy. I can answer ir further by elaborating but its impossible to tell the law to a person who keeps on finding lame excuses let's see if the court takes the same approach as u say by misreading the sections.

  • Vai de mine cum arata! Cu antitalentul meu la dulciuri nici nu mi-as fi imaginat sa aspir la asa ceva. Dar ce zici tu pare tare simplu, poate incerc, nu am forme de savarine da' cre' ca merg si alea de briose asa, de-o prima incercare :).

  • Benrun…don’t be a hypocrite….in making those comments you aren’t allowing me to express myself. Anyway, that’s my angle.Anybody care to share a fantasy setlist for Tomahawk. PLease be forewarned…I may piss all over your comments. hahaha….kidding.Lastoknow…agreed…God hates…and Capt midnight are 2 of my all time favs as well.

  • le grandi realtà del web in pubblicità? Microsoft nel 2009 ha speso il doppio rispetto ad Apple: 518 milioni di dollari, pari allo 0,9% del fatturato, contro i 249 milioni della concorrente, pari

  • Bonjour M. Lefebvre,J’ai bien aimé votre bouquin (SimRacing) et j’en suis à la section du setup.Cela fait pas mal d’année que je tourne avec différent sim (GP2, GP4, GPL, rFactor et dernièrement Race 07), y a un petit hic, je ne suis jamais parvenu à un bon compromis avec mon volant G25 et le reelfeel.Serait-il possible d’avoir quelques trucs pour l’ajuster et/ou savoir quels sont vos ajustements?Sincèrement,LeZaz

  • That is great Kim!! Good for you! I finally got Luis to go whole foods/low bad carb with me and he has lost almost 30 pounds. Sugar is definitely the enemy, and I feel so much better without it.

  • We already have a NBA and NHL stadium. It’s called the Tacoma Dome and it’s ready and waiting and we already own it.It has the same number of seats as the proposed new stadium.It has its own Amtrak, LINK and SoundTransit station.It’s accessible from all four corners of Washington State.It has ample parking lots.Why pay for something we already own? – Rate this comment: 18  4

  • There are two wall (monthly) calenders and two daily sheet calenders. I turn the pages on the wall calender because that is where I keep track of anything from dates to paid and unpaid bills! The daily sheets are normally changed by elders when they are at home and if they are out of town the sheets gather dust. Now, we conveniently tell them (elders) that we don't change the pages, so that we can remember the date when they left for their hometown!! Yours is a very interesting and informative blog, and it is too tempting to not to leave a comment!

  • ” GOD this reveals my every day prayer”and I made it my every minute song.Few months later the Lord of heaven showed me the way and pulled me out.Powerful and anointed lyrics!VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait…VA:F [1.9.13_1145](from 0 votes)

  • Laren X Posted on Czy ja dobrze widzÄ™? – grasz w SWTOR?heh nieźle…Ja niedawno przestaÅ‚em, już ograÅ‚em chyba wszystko co mogÅ‚em (w becie każdÄ… postać), machnÄ…Å‚em CAp z dwiema postaciami jak dobrze pamiÄ™tam i siÄ™ znudziÅ‚em O dziwo.A może to wynik braku czasu na tyle, że nie pozwala na MMOGi.Tak, to można uznać za poważnÄ… chorobÄ™ w moim przypadku.Ale…, że Ty, Cubituss, grasz w SWTOR… to szok

  • Hej WencheJeg kan godt forstÃ¥ at du glæder dig til pÃ¥ lørdag 🙂 – hÃ¥ber i fÃ¥r en fantastisk dag/weekend sammen 🙂 – de engle fra AKIMBO har jeg længe ledt efter …… mÃ¥ se om ikke det er muligt at finde dem….. synes ikke at kunne finde dem pÃ¥ deres hjemmeside 🙁 ja retrovilla ville én jo ogsÃ¥ gerne besøge og marypytta/line er heldig at hun har jer+ mange andre (var ikke lige blogger da der var indsamling):( det bliver noget af en drømmeweekend – bare lidt misundelig 🙂 NYD DEN :)kh

  • Wow! Utrolig forskjell! Du kan virkelig være stolt av deg selv. HÃ¥per jeg en dag finner motivasjonen sÃ¥nn at jeg kommer meg ned i vekt og kan bruke bunaden min.Akkurat føles det som det er en umulighet.[] Reply:mai 20th, 2012 at 15:19Tusen takk Monica.Noen dager føles det umulig for meg og, men sÃ¥ finner jeg noe som motiverer meg. Jeg velger Ã¥ ha positive ting rundt meg, og det hjelper. Du kommer til Ã¥ klare det den dagen du er klar.[]

  • Eta Carinae пишет:В первую очередь удачи вам. Эх хотела бы я в месяц хотябы 30$ зарабатывать.VA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

  • Times: Free-agent guard Javaris Crittenton is not on the Lakers’ summer-league roster because he is still recovering from foot surgery. Crittenton was originally drafted by the Lakers in 2007 and could be an inexpensive backcourt option…So he still could be a possible training camp invitee.-S

  • Nos, azt hiszem ez így nagyon nem pontos… Itt-ott nevetséges számok szerepelnek.Vagy itt-ott felfelé kerekítés van, itt-ott lefelé?így lesz 23.000-bÅ‘l 23.400 és 4.700-bÅ‘l 3.600?

  • Vetopeople forget that while not common, housing can be worth LESS then 0……There are homes for sale for $1 on detroit and in parts of ny state and they still don’t sell partillu due to the huge tax bill associated with the homes. Negative value

  • Grazie Simona, devo ancora migliorare la tecnica fotografica ed investire su delle attrezzature più consone… Però, quando un fotografo si guarda in giro col cuore, credo che il suo occhio faccia più di un obiettivo.

  • Would somebody please start a recall petition on the Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Councilwoman Joan Lindsay, we cannot afford two more years of these two. We will get Vice-Mayor Brian Pariser out this November. These people are costing not only lots of money but also our reputation as a great little Village in which to raise our families.

  • Grande Beatle Ed,Se a Tabajara comprar esse aí e der para ao Nelsinho ele vai ao Q3. Mas tirem essa musiquinha furreca, senão não vai nem ao Q1.Abs.

  • Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  • Then, there’s also “The Three Faces of Eve”. Not about Westport, per se, but starring two Westporters – David Wayne and Joanne Woodward. Excellent movie!

  • -Aldrabões & vendedores de banha da cobra e outros vigaristas SARL -Nem os doc dos serviços secretos da CIA , se atreveram a tanto.-Você só publica merda sr. Milhazes.aferreira

  • Les gens en prennent pour que ça fasse effet, non? Le Pr Costentin explique qu’il faut prendre de plus en plus de Cannabis pour qu’il fasse effet.

  • Hola Debish!Me alegro de que te hayas tirado a la piscina y hayas creado tu propio blog fuera de esdebian, eso te va a dar mucha más libertad.Que tengas suerte con tu nuevo blog, nos leemos

  • I became a fan on Facebook. Who wouldn’t want to win these great prizes?!?!?! I think this prize package would be a great way to improve my work flow and be a great enhancement to the products I can offer my clients.

  • American's only again right? *sigh* i recently signed up on SeniorWoo . com in hope to meet friends or more on Internet. Is it easy? I am 40+ mature woman. There are some hot pictures under the name taproot there.

  • These pictures from the preview give a great glimpse into the collection. I was hoping to know what you thought about how the clothes were displayed at the preview? I am interested in whether it effectively told the story of the designer and showed off the clothes to their highest potential! Thank you!

  • The holiday spirit brings several forms of celebrations, presents, decorations and stationery. Stationery suggests the letterheads and cards that are sent and exchanged in holiday spirit amongst family members and good friends. This stationery tends to make the holiday season feel more unique. The main purpose stationery of any form is exchanged or sent to any one is for correspondence or for sending wishes. As a substitute for sending plain stationery, the holiday spirit may be spread by sending personalized stationery designed for the holiday season.

  • We live in an age where we need to organize people in neat categories…92%–50%–65%…that will define 'success' in our world…and people who do not 'think' through just apply 'rules' uniformly to people created not to be uniform but diverse in giftedness…what follows that based on one uniform measure, millions of 'otherwise-expressions- of-intelligence' are discarded and negatively labelled in flawed percentages…..but viewed through God's eyes…we who have been redeemed are ALL 100%…because of Jesus in us..that's what God sees…

  • No tengo palabras.Sólo se me ocurre: “gracias por compartirlo” y gracias por vivirlo.La humanidad es más humana con personas como vosotros.Encuentros como el vuestro cambian el mundo.Que el Dios del Silencio os bendiga y conserve vuestra amistad por siempre.Un abrazo entrañable y agradecido. Lobo.

  • I just cannot believe the way you keep stringing these words together in patterns that are quite consistent despite having no objective content. You are in my assessment a great case of "auto-brainwashing", and I cannot think of any humane cure.

  • Hello there and thanks so much for your comment! Right now I have it that you are welcome toleave a comment. As far as contributing, just send me one of your articles so I can take a lookat it. if I like it and feel it’s a fit, I’ll definitely consider posting it with you as the “guest contributor”.Great idea and thanks!Blessings,Cathy

  • bonjour Laurent,quelle est l’adresse flickr de Patrick pour que je puisse visionner ses photos ?merci pour tous les bons conseilssam

  • You lost me, friend. I mean, I assume I get what youre indicating. I have an understanding of what you’re saying, but you just appear to have ignored that you will find some other folks in the world who view this issue for what it truly is and may well not agree with you. You might be turning away alot of persons who may have been supporters of your site.

  • Sara, puhelinnovelli on ainakin nopeasti luettu, ja siitä voi sitten jatkaa Jotuniin tutustumista, jos kiinnostaa. Veikkaan, että hänen teoksiaan saa hyvin kirjastosta. Itselläni on noita novelleja SKS:n klassikkosarjassa ilmestyneinä. Se sarja on suosikkini, hyvää kirjallisuutta edullisesti.

  • Das ist wirklich ein schönes Video und ein netter Song.Vielleicht sollte man sich das Album doch mal etwas genauer anhören…

  • stupid things. Until a parent can claim that their child has never gotten injured in anyway, shape, or form they have no room, imo, to criticize Gavin or Gwen on what happened. In all honesty, crap happens and I am sure that Zuma will no longer find himself on a counter – adults can learn from the stupid stuff too.

  • Heard quake was felt as far as Michigan—but I'd left there for the safer spaces of NorCal. ;-/ [Actually, though, the only time I've felt a quake here in Sacra-tomato, was the Oroville Dam quake of '75]

  • that’s not why he’s constantly trashing Palin.He expressed his hope that Palin would step down and his man Giulliani would take up the VP spot.This is a clear example of neocons hating on Palin.

  • Do mnie szczególnie trafia odstatnie zdanie. PaÅ„stwa PIIGS, majÄ…c relatywnie duże szare strefy oraz maÅ‚o konkurencyjne gospodarki, w ogóle nie powinny byÅ‚y wchodzić do strefy Euro. PozbawiÅ‚y siÄ™ w ten sposób możliwoÅ›ci zwiÄ™kszenia konkurenyjnoÅ›ci przez monetyzacjÄ™ dÅ‚ugu (dodruk pieniÄ…dza) oraz dewaluacjÄ™ waluty krajowej.Ypsilon Fund

  • Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  • Can I just say what a reduction to find somebody who truly is aware of what theyre speaking about on the internet. You definitely know how you can convey a problem to mild and make it important. Extra people must read this and perceive this facet of the story. I cant imagine youre not more well-liked since you definitely have the gift.

  • Hi Ahmed,What are you looking to learn? We have a great blog on table setting for formal and informal events. Feel free to email us at info(at) to talk more about your needs.Lia

  • Incy Wincy Designs Anything But a Card Paper Play Time Anything Goes Stamps R Us Anything Goes Designed To Delight Anything Goes The Poodles Parlour Anything

  • My friend, it is you and me and the Dalai Lama, I am telling you. I feel you, as you know. You are amazing, such a true wise soul, such a brave heart. Thank you for this post, you had me moved and nodding in reckognition. I am so happy that you are on a flow at the moment, and I am even happier that you can separate the gives and takes from your inner sense of happiness and contentment. I am rereading The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, and all I can say is, he would love our blogs. Love you honey. xx


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  • RÃ¥narluvorna var höjden av töntighet & dÃ¥ fÃ¥r man ocksÃ¥ bjuda pÃ¥ sÃ¥dana här garv.Däremot tycker jag att gubbarna skall fÃ¥ en chans att visa att de inte är nÃ¥gra bengalglin nästa Ã¥r innan folk dömer ut dem…

  • Hace rato q no leía un buen post por acá! Y tienes tanta razón. Ya pocos tienen tolerancia.Muchos se enfrascan en discusiones tontas q al final van a parar en violencia. Padres disparando a sus hijos, vecinos discutiendo a golpes, esposos acuchillando a sus parejas.Hasta he visto la violencia invadiendo a los blogs…! 0.oQ este sea un llamado de atención para todos. Y opino lo mismo q la Morada, lástima q algunos lo agarren como chiste

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